Save Energy, Save Money, Create jobs, Save the Planet”

 Campaign Outline:  Campaign goals include:

  • Improve energy conservation practices in Seattle School District buildings.
  • Call attention to the savings the district can accrue through conservation.
  • Re-invest the savings in funding teachers, aides, and direct education of students.
  • Lobby for these renovation projects to be awarded to contractors with ties to low-income communities of color.
  • Assist struggling schools through saving money by lowering energy costs.

 Background: The campaign seeks to weave together three separate issues:

  1. The Seattle School District is facing an on-going funding crisis, and is looking for cost savings in different areas, including energy use. Certain schools face particularly difficult cost issues, especially in the central and southeast Seattle.
  2. Minority/veteran businesses and low income and people of color are facing an extremely difficult economic environment, due to lack of contracts and lack of access to credit.

 3.  Eliminating the need to generate electricity in our state from coal.    Washington receives approximately 22% of its electricity from coal-burning power plants. Reducing energy use can eliminate the need for dirty, coal-powered energy.

General Strategy:

The campaign will work to:

  • Promote the cost savings to the District in lower energy costs.
  • Push for a specific target of reduction. 7-11% in a year in energy use as an initial goal.
  •  Lobby for these renovation projects to be awarded to contractors with ties to low-income communities of color and those that employ newly trained low income workers.

 We will also lobby the School Board to:

  • Promote “in-service trainings” on energy conservation for faculty and staff, “energy coaches,” with the coach offering to assess and plan for energy conservation.
  • Promote stipends for schools that reduce their energy use.
  • Promote Climate Change curriculum for interested students.

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